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Gold Chinese Panda
Gold Chinese Panda Coin
The Gold Chinese Panda was first issued by The Republic of China in 1982 with 1 ounce, ½ ounce, ¼ ounce, and 1/10 ounce varieties in 999% fine gold. In 1983, an additional size was added, the 1/20 ounce. These coins are issued in a proof-like, brilliant, uncirculated quality with a different panda design each year through the year 2000. In 2001 and 2002, the coin image remained the same due to a freeze of the design. Collectors responded accordingly regarding the design freeze, and in 2003, China reversed its policy and began minting coins with various designs each year since.

Coin Specifics

Composition: 24-karat, .9999% fineness
Edge: Reeded

Coin SizeGold ContentGross WeightDiameterThickness
1-oz 1.00000 Oz
31.10348 Gr
1.00000 Oz
31.10348 Gr
1.26100 In
35.74875 Mm
0.10600 In
35.74875 Mm
1/2-oz 0.50000 Oz
15.55174 Gr
0.50000 Oz
15.55174 Gr
1.06200 In
30.10719 Mm
0.07200 In
30.10719 Mm
1/4-oz 0.25000 Oz
7.77587 Gr
0.25000 Oz
7.77587 Gr
0.08640 In
2.44940 Mm
0.06000 In
2.44940 Mm
1/10-oz 0.10000 Oz
3.11035 Gr
0.10000 Oz
3.11035 Gr
0.70600 In
20.01476 Mm
0.04100 In
20.01476 Mm
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