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What Does Your Anniversary Jewelry Mean?

ring with emeraldFor centuries, married couples have given gifts of particular metals and gemstones to their spouses in commemoration of their lasting love. While gifts for each year of marriage can range from cotton to wood, couples also have the great option of selecting a particular gemstone or metal that has special meaning.

Let’s take a brief look at milestone years of marriage, which gemstones and metals are said to match up, and why.

1st Year

It is commonly believed that gold jewelry is appropriate when celebrating the first year of marriage. While there is no consensus as to which gemstone should be given, most agree that pearl or green peridot is the gemstone of choice for the first anniversary. The stone’s signature green color is said to represent the growth that occurs during a couple’s first year together.

10th Year

The tenth year of marriage is often celebrated with the gift of a diamond. Diamonds are the hardest gemstone in the world, often called invincible. This signifies a marriage that has withstood the test of an entire decade, showing resiliency and faithfulness to one another.

25th Year

The history of giving silver as a 25th anniversary present dates all the way back to medieval Germany, where seasoned couples were given garlands of the metal upon reaching this impressive milestone together. Bestowing the metal as a gift remains a beautiful tradition in the modern day to signify a quarter-century of marriage.

50th Year

Also taken from the medieval German culture, a garland of gold was given between couples who reached fifty years of life together. Today, it remains tradition to give a gift made of gold metal to one’s spouse to celebrate this amazing accomplishment.

60+ Years

Queen Victoria of England, upon reaching 60 years as the British monarch, celebrated with her Diamond Jubilee in 1887. Ever since, it has been tradition for couples to celebrate their own 60th anniversaries (and those beyond) by exchanging diamonds. As mentioned above, diamonds are the hardest of all gemstones and are built to withstand the test of time.

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