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The Best and Worst Ways to Propose


Proposing itself is stressful enough, but making your proposal creative, heart-felt, and romantic can definitely up the ante. How do you know the difference between what’s cheesy and what will sweep them off their feet? Looking at the best, worst, and downright outdated ways to propose will hopefully give you some peace of mind when it comes time to pop the question yourself.


Hiding the Ring in Food

This is a big NO. Not only will the ring be covered in whatever your significant other’s dinner choice is that evening, but it could also pose a choking hazard. There’s nothing romantic about that.

At a Sporting Event or in Front of a Crowd

Take your significant other into account; if he or she doesn’t see the romance in crowds, crowded public places or countless people waiting anxiously for an answer, proposing in front of a mob is not the best idea. Avoid the jumbo-tron and flash mobs in order to give your loved one a sense of intimacy in the moment.

Being Cliché in General

Giving a cliché proposal isn’t going to give your sweetheart butterflies. Being cliché can include proposing on Valentine’s Day, reading someone else’s poem, or choosing an unoriginal location. Be sure to focus on your relationship when planning in order to propose in a meaningful and unique way.


Meaningful Location

Proposing at the Eiffel Tower sounds romantic, but it may not have significance if you and your loved one have never been to Paris together before. Choose a place that means something to both of you: where you met or went on your first date.

Share Your Feelings

No one wants to hear someone else’s take on love, so choose your own words to express your feelings and do your best to embody your relationship.

Be Specific to Your Significant Other

Take note of your significant other’s hobbies or interests and incorporate them into the proposal, especially if there is something the two of you share. Consider their likes and dislikes when deciding on just how to pop the question: written in the pages of a favorite book or carved into a tree on a special hiking trail.

Finally, every good proposal includes a stellar ring, and that’s where we come in! Just drop by one of our area locations or browse our online inventory to find the perfect ring that’s sure to guarantee a “yes.”

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