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  • Congratulations to Robert Burnside on his 20th Anniversary with DGSE

    August 15, 2013
    We are proud to congratulate Robert Burnside on his twenty years of employment with Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange! Robert Burnside, or, “Texas Bob,” as he is affectionately known to his friends and colleagues, was born and raised right here in Dallas, Texas. Robert has expertly headed our bullion department for the past ten years, but his knowledge extends far beyond that of precious metals. His days as a sales manager with DGSE armed him with expertise in fine jewelry, rare coins, and other rare and antique items. Robert’s co-workers refer to him as their “go-to guy” who is always able to offer assistance and direction with a patient manner and understanding nature. Reputed as an extremely organized and dedi ...
  • Happy 5th Anniversary to Ray Spinks and Tom Gillespie

    August 6, 2013
    Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange would like to thank and congratulate Ray Spinks and Tom Gillespie for five years of loyal service! For the past five years, Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange has been fortunate enough to call Sunray Spinks one of our own. Sunray, known as “Ray” to the DGSE family, has been an integral part of our team, serving as the manager at our Arlington location. He is described as a “dynamic and natural leader” by his co-workers, and has demonstrated those abilities by serving in several different departments throughout his time with DGSE. Before starting with DGSE, Ray served in the United States Army for three years, an experience that has clearly contributed to his reputation of being a “n ...
  • Happy 10 Year Anniversary Pati!!

    July 25, 2013
    Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange is pleased to announce the 10 year anniversary of Pati Hann! For the past decade, Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange has been graced with the employment of Pati Hann. Pati was a former customer of Sherry Coe (another veteran sales associate with DGSE) and she came to Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange from Delta Airlines.  Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Pati holds the record for selling the most expensive diamond in DGSE history!  Selling jewelry and bringing sparkle into people’s lives is a great joy for Pati. Adorning diamond rimmed spectacles, customers often refer to her as, “the lady with the bedazzled glasses,” which leaves no question to who they’re speaking of. Pat ...
  • Gold Origin: Dead Stars

    July 19, 2013
    Where does gold come from? According to recent studies, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics suggests the Earth’s gold could possibly come from colliding dead stars.  Elements such as carbon and iron are created within stars, however, gold cannot be formed this way and its origin has been a mystery. About one month ago, a short gamma-ray burst (GRB) occurred in space. A GRB involves two neutron stars colliding and then exploding.  The explosion left behind a pristine glow that took days to fade away and was dominated by infrared light.  “We estimate that the amount of gold produced and ejected during the merger of the two neutron stars may be as large as 10 moon masses - quite a lot of bling!" says lead ...
  • Happy 5th Anniversary to Keith Bear & Rachael Dugan

    May 1, 2013
    Though we’ve experienced a lot of change over the past several years, two constants throughout that period are the exceptional contributions made by Reeder Road Sales Associate, Rachael Dugan and Corporate Accountant, Keith Bear. We’re pleased to announce that both Rachael and Keith recently celebrated their 5th Anniversary with DGSE Companies! In honor of their contributions and loyalty to the company, we’d like to share a little of what they mean to us. It can be said that most organizations have one or two key employees that truly brighten the day with their enthusiasm and great attitude. Without a doubt, Rachael Dugan is such an employee. Rachael is DGSE’s unofficial cheerleader. She rallies the team, encoura ...
  • Thank You & Congratulations to Jeff Boyd!

    March 7, 2013
    At the heart of any great organization is a group of dedicated and talented individuals.  Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange is no exception. In fact, we’re proud to say a large number of our employees have been with the company for over 10 years and many have been a part of our family for more than two decades!  One standout who recently celebrated his 20th year with Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange is Vice-President and General Sales Manager, Jeffrey R. Boyd. Jeff attended St. Mark’s School of Texas in Dallas and then graduated from the University of Mississippi with degrees in management & accounting.  Shortly after graduation, Jeff began his career with DGSE as our official store clerk. Since then, Jeff ha ...
  • The Art of Gift Giving

    November 28, 2012
    Holidays aren’t a surprise to any of us. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas – though they may “sneak up on us,” we’re certainly aware of these recurring events. So, why is it that we so often panic at the last moment to purchase a gift and then wonder why we didn’t “hit the mark?” It’s more than procrastination – though that’s a big part of the problem – the issue also lies in poor planning and lack of a good “system” for giving fitting, meaningful gifts. Here are a handful of tips that can help you this year, as well as in the future: First - and many of the other tips here require this foundation – keep a list of gift ideas. A piece of paper hidden somewhere, a Word document on your comp ...
  • What is the value of any Olympic Gold Medal?

    July 30, 2012
    Every two years, this question is raised and since we’re “gold experts,” it’s natural that we get emails and phone calls asking us how much those coveted Olympic Gold Medals are actually worth. It’s a great question and curiosity drives many to seek an accurate answer, so here it is. First, it must be said that the value in any Olympic Medal is truly based on the fact that it’s an actual Olympic Medal and not the volume and purity of its precious metal composition. An Olympic Medal goes far beyond its content; symbolizing thousands of hours of training, unending sacrifice, dedication, and achievement. On to the question though and be prepared to be slightly disappointed. The Olympic Gold Medal – we’ll spe ...
  • Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange is Open in Allen!

    June 28, 2012
    Following our Grand Opening in Southlake last week, we're proud to say we're open for business in Allen, at The Village at Allen. Our newest store can be found near the northwest corner of the Village, on the south side of Stacy, east of 75. This new store marks our seventh DFW location and we couldn't do it without YOU, our loyal customers. Since 1978, our goal has been to provide you with the best prices and the highest level of customer service and we'll continue that approach in Allen and everywhere else we operate. Stop by or call 972-481-3870 to get free appraisals and immediate cash for: ALL GOLD JEWELRY  • DIAMONDS • WEDDING JEWELRY • CLASS RINGS • PRE-1964 SILVER COINS • BULLION • ROLEX & FINE W ...
  • The Newest Addition to the Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange Family: Southlake, TX.

    June 20, 2012
    he Newest Addition to the Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange Family: Southlake, TX. Following last year’s expansion into Dallas’ Park Cities, Far North Dallas and Arlington, we had plenty of customers in and around Southlake who kept asking “when are you going to open a new store by us?” Well, we’re happy to say that just happened! As of this Monday, Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange is open for business at 200 Kimball Ave in Southlake. That’s Southlake Corners, at the SW corner of 114 and Kimball (by the Staples). We have employees and customers from Southlake and we’re thrilled to join such a fantastic city. The store will offer all the great services you’re used to from Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange ...

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