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gold jewelry

  • What is Estate Jewelry?

    May 17, 2016
    Estate jewelry is the term for a collection of previously owned jewelry. This can also include significantly older pieces that are vintage or antique, although there are many which contain newer, modern items as well. Why Buy Estate Jewelry? Purchasing estate jewelry can be the perfect way to acquire unique items, such as rings, earrings, and necklaces which cannot be found in average department stores. Many collectors often look to estate sales when searching for one-of-a-kind pieces that can add value to their collections. Estate jewelry can not only offer distinctive items, but also pieces that come from specific time periods, giving them historical value as well as monetary. Is It a Good Idea to Buy Secondhand Jewelr ...
  • Engagement Ring Trends for 2016

    February 10, 2016

    Planning on popping that all-important question to your special someone in 2016? Stressed about choosing a fashionable ring you know they’ll love? We’ve compiled some of the hottest trends in engagement rings to help you choose a ring your future spouse will adore for years to come.


    Rose Gold

    Rose gold has recently seen a dramatic increase in sales, and you can find numerous accessories that now feature this trendy metal coloring. More and more designers are offering rose gold for engagement rings, and it’s sure to be a top trend in 2016, especially since the color is considered flattering on many skin tones.

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  • Designer Spotlight: John Christian

    January 12, 2016
    Over the better part of the last century, John Christian has become a company dedicated to bringing innovative and unique jewelry design to the popular market. From class rings and to wedding jewelry and other personalized pieces, John Christian has developed a repertoire that, despite roots in the uncertainty of the Great Depression, has managed to grow and flourish well into the 21st century. History John Christian’s jewelry making history began with brothers John and Robert Waugh. The brothers shared a passion for creative jewelry and decided to pursue it as a career. They opened the Waugh Brothers jewelry store in Oklahoma in the 1940’s. Soon, the brothers gathered a respectable following from university students ...
  • What Does Your Anniversary Jewelry Mean?

    January 8, 2016
    For centuries, married couples have given gifts of particular metals and gemstones to their spouses in commemoration of their lasting love. While gifts for each year of marriage can range from cotton to wood, couples also have the great option of selecting a particular gemstone or metal that has special meaning. Let’s take a brief look at milestone years of marriage, which gemstones and metals are said to match up, and why. 1st Year It is commonly believed that gold jewelry is appropriate when celebrating the first year of marriage. While there is no consensus as to which gemstone should be given, most agree that pearl or green peridot is the gemstone of choice for the first anniversary. The stone’s signature green c ...
  • Why Sell Jewelry to DGSE?

    January 5, 2016
    If you’re considering selling your estate jewelry, there are several ways to do so. For instance, you could venture out on your own and sell it online, have it melted down at a scrap metal company…or you could sell your jewelry to Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange. DSGE is the best way to sell your estate jewelry in the Dallas-Metroplex area. Here’s a few reasons why: Better Value. Each piece of jewelry brought into our stores is given individual attention by our experienced appraisers to ensure that we’re valuing the jewelry at the highest possible dollar amount. That means more money in your pocket when you sell it to us. Accredited. We have an A+ Better Business Bureau We're publicly-traded, trusted, and we ...
  • Men’s Watches and Jewelry

    December 28, 2015
    Let’s face it, men can be difficult to shop for. Especially when you want to give a sentimental present, electronics or new socks don’t always measure up. If you’re looking for a meaningful gift that can last a lifetime, consider buying the man in your life a watch or other form of jewelry. Here are three great gift ideas for men: A Watch: Watches are not only practical and useful, they’re also very handsome in design and craftsmanship. While they can be pricey, purchasing a pre-owned watch can help you get more for your dollar. There’s a watch to appeal to every man: used Rolexes are the classic luxury watch, but there are other options to choose from. Breitling watches, for example, offer sophistication with ...
  • Remember Your Anniversary in Style with these Gift Ideas

    November 21, 2015
    Anniversaries have a tendency of sneaking up on us. Time seems to pass quickly each year we get to spend with our loved ones, and it is important to take time to celebrate that love when our anniversaries come around. It may be daunting finding the perfect gift to encapsulate your emotions and vows, but fortunately there are many suggestions available to help you narrow down your selection. You can easily find lists that break down anniversary gifts by year. These lists include options that suit any type of couple—traditional or modern. 1-Year Anniversary For year one, the traditional gift is paper and the modern suggestion is plastic. Traditional gift ideas include framed photos, tickets to his/her favorite sporting e ...
  • Periods of Antique and Estate Jewelry

    November 10, 2015

    If you’ve ever been eyeing a piece of estate jewelry, one of the first questions you might ask is “when was it made?” Unless there’s a specific marking or signature, it’s often difficult to determine when a certain piece of jewelry was crafted.

    Jewelry is commonly classified by periods, which help buyers and sellers to identify key attributes of a piece. While not every classification is 100% precise, it’s still a useful way to identify when and how a piece of jewelry came to be.

    Here’s a timeline of major periods in jewelry, from the modern day to the Victorian Age:

    contemporary jewelry

    Contemporary (1950-present) - Contemporary jewelry is known for diversity and for using all different types of designs, metals and stones. This jewelry period encompasses various trends as the jewelry crafted soon after WWII has extravagant clusters of diamonds and gems, whereas newer, more contemporary pieces are departing from that trend to a cleaner and simpler look.
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  • Common Wedding Band Metals for the Perfect Rings

    October 31, 2015
    Found Mr. or Mrs. Right? Great! Now it’s time to start looking for the right wedding band metals that will meet your nuptial needs. Depending on your tastes, wants, needs, and even your occupation, different metals can serve different purposes for you and significant other. Here’s some essential information on common types of wedding ring metals: Platinum Platinum is a popular choice of metal for any jewelry as it is both beautiful and durable. It’s scratch-resistant, hypoallergenic, and maintains its shiny, white hue better than other metals. Although platinum is the rarest, heaviest, and most expensive metal in common jewelry, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for beauty and function. It’s also a good c ...
  • Estate Jewelry Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

    October 2, 2015
    Antique collectors will agree with us when we say there’s really something special about buying vintage items, especially antique jewelry. Take a beautiful antique estate wedding ring for instance. Is it just us or does it feel that much more special because it has already been the center of a lifetime of love and affection? Not only is estate jewelry beautiful because of its antiquity, but also because of the previous lives and stories they took part in. Unfortunately, the worth of antique and estate jewelry is also seen by crooks looking to make a quick buck passing off brand new pieces as high value antiques. If you’re not careful, you may end up paying an arm and a leg for something that is newer than some of the ...

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