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Jewelry or Jewellery: Which is the Right Spelling?

confused woman: Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange Jewelry & Earrings blog

Have you written a word one way, then the other, and thought that whichever way you wrote it, it just looks wrong? Or maybe your spell check program has flagged one spelling or the other, but you feel sure that either is correct.

One such word people often get confused about is jewelry – wait, or is it jewellery…

The reason that it’s so easy to get confused about the spelling of those beautiful ornaments we like to decorate our bodies with is that there are technically two different correct spellings – although one is primarily used in North America and the other outside of North America.

British and American English, as they are commonly known, differ from one another in a number of ways, and one of those ways is in rules about doubling consonants. Therefore, the spelling for the name of the profession, “jeweler” and “jeweller,” also differs.

Many of the changes in British and American English are due to Noah Webster, for whom the dictionary you may be familiar with today is named. Webster set out to simplify English as it was spoken in the United States and published his first dictionary in 1806 that made sweeping changes in many spellings. At the time it was controversial, but his efforts were successful. Even words that Webster did not directly attempt to change, like "jewellery," were eventually affected.

North American English is generally only used in the United States. Other English-speaking countries mostly use British English, although Canada uses a mix of the two. So when you venture physically or virtually outside of the United States, you are more likely to see the word as “jewellery.” Today, with the Internet collapsing borders all around us, we are much more likely in the United States to see British English spellings than we were in the past.

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