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Metals Thoughts: Head Fake Edition

Metals Thoughts: Head Fake Edition

The Federal Reserve’s almost unanimous decision to leave Quantitative Easing purchases at $85B caught nearly all market participants off guard, regardless of asset class. Equities, commodities and treasuries all caught bids and triggered buy-stop orders in a very quick rally. Any shorts either covered immediately or got stopped out on the way higher as algo’s had a field day. The USD weakened against all major trade partners and most currencies traded at highs for 2013. All pretty much in a single afternoon trading session. And then it stopped. For metals, the lack of follow-on buying and the total disappearance of physical demand led to a choppy session Thursday and a 60%+ retracement  of the gains on Friday. From Wednesday afternoon to Friday close, we traded 1300 to 1375 and then back to 1325. Tums sales were probably quite high in New York and London.

After the announcement, the general feeling in the markets was that the Fed had let an opportunity to withdraw the stimulus get away from them. As shown by the surprise rally, a moderate taper had been priced in and was considered by the majority to be a certainty, this trader among them. Why then, would the Fed postpone the pain for another day? The two major influences to me are 1) Market reaction leading up to the meeting being a bit stronger than desired and 2) Fear that the debt ceiling shenanigans will prove to be substantial headwinds. Of course there are a myriad of other factors (continued mediocre growth and non-existent inflation), but based on the last few days of media blitzkrieg, I believe the move in rates and lack of trust in our elected representatives to be the main motivators.

As we have discussed here (probably ad nauseum), fixed income securities of all kinds had been selling off in anticipation of SepTaper. We now know that the Fed did not appreciate that one bit. Higher mortgage rates had definitely hindered re-financings and was also beginning to slow the pace of new home sales and mortgage originations. I suppose if the Fed sees conforming 30 yr mortgage rates over 4.5% then something must be done! The Fed has since sent its members to the press en masse, and they are all repeating one chorus (except for Richard Fisher [swoon]): tapering will be data-dependent, not calendar driven. In a way this very much makes sense as there is nothing special about withdrawing stimulus in Sep over Dec or after 5 years instead of 5.1 (yes, it’s been 5 years), but hinting that the unemployment hurdle of 6.5% might not be low enough seems a bit ridiculous given that full employment carries a rate of about 95% in boom times. Perhaps easing will be Bernanke’s job and Yellen will end up having a hawkish legacy, despite her best efforts. I can just see her on the ropes yelling “Tag me in! Ben! Tag me in!”


Ray Dalio of Bridgewater How the Economic Machine Works (YouTube). I highly recommend this. Fantastic.

BBC: Does gold come from Outer Space

FT: I can haz no CapEx. This recovery is weak and profit, rather than investment driven. Hurray operating leverage.

Feet to the Flame: With vols running at or near their sustainable speed limit and Open Interest apparently determined to head lower, I think we might be in for a bit of consolidating cycle. Few traders seem excited to get long here. Is it really possible that markets will price in the taper regardless of what the Fed says?  A break below 1300 could get very interesting as 1280 and 1200 were not that long ago. 1330 seems resistance. Debt ceiling shenanigans may provide some upside risk.

-- Bradley Yates, Senior Trader, Elemetal Capital

The material contained herein is intended as a general market commentary. Opinions expressed herein are those of Bradley Yates and may differ from those of other Elemetal employees and affiliates. This information in no way constitutes Elemetal research and should not be treated as such. Further, the views expressed herein may differ from that contained in other Elemetal materials. The above summary/prices/quotes/statistics have been obtained from sources deemed to be reliable, but we do not guarantee their accuracy or completeness, any pricing referenced is indicative and subject to change.

Certain statements made within this article may contain forward-looking statements.  These forward-looking statements or information include, but are not limited to statements or information with respect to financial disclosure, estimates of future production, the future price of gold or other commodities, estimations of mineral reserves and resources and metallurgical recoveries, estimates of anticipated costs and expenditures, development and production timelines and our goals and strategies.

Although we have attempted to identify factors that would cause actual actions, events or results to differ materially from those described in forward-looking statements and information, there may be other factors that cause actual results, performances, achievements or events to not be as anticipated, estimated or intended. Also many of the factors are beyond our control. There can be no assurance that forward-looking statements or information will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipate in such statements. Accordingly readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements or information.

Except as required by law, we do not expect to update forward-looking statements and information continually as conditions change and you are referred to the full discussion of the Company's business contained in the Company's reports filed with the securities regulatory authorities in the U.S. All forward-looking statements and information contained on this website are qualified by this cautionary statement.


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