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Engagement Ring Trends for 2016

Planning on popping that all-important question to your special someone in 2016? Stressed about choosing a fashionable ring you know they’ll love? We’ve compiled some of the hottest trends in engagement rings to help you choose a ring your future spouse will adore for years to come.


Rose Gold

Rose gold has recently seen a dramatic increase in sales, and you can find numerous accessories that now feature this trendy metal coloring. More and more designers are offering rose gold for engagement rings, and it’s sure to be a top trend in 2016, especially since the color is considered flattering on many skin tones.


Mixing Metals

Why choose just one metal for what will be the most important piece of jewelry in your loved one’s life? Mixing more than one metal has come into fashion, and it allows couples to include multiple facets of style into their piece. This can be accomplished by using a different metal for the stone’s prongs or for the ring’s band and halo.


Colored Gemstones

Traditional clear diamonds are no longer your only option. If you’re looking for something different, recent trends have shown couples choosing colored gemstones or diamonds to create truly unique engagement rings. Don’t want to commit to a colored gemstone as the primary focus of the ring? Using colored gems as accent stones is also a great alternative!


Floral Inspiration

For those in search of something romantic, you’re in luck! More and more engagement rings are showing a distinct inspiration from nature including flowers, leaves and vines. These natural elements can be added with the arrangement of the stones, or they can be incorporated into the design of band.

Vintage Rings

Vintage or antique rings are another option for those looking outside the box for a timeless and unique piece of jewelry. If searching for a pre-owned ring isn’t for you, there are also many new rings with designs inspired by the past.


At Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect engagement ring for your special someone. Contact us or browse our site to discover tips for finding an engagement ring, discreetly finding your significant other’s ring size, and more!