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What is Estate Jewelry?

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Estate jewelry is the term for a collection of previously owned jewelry. This can also include significantly older pieces that are vintage or antique, although there are many which contain newer, modern items as well.

Why Buy Estate Jewelry?

Purchasing estate jewelry can be the perfect way to acquire unique items, such as rings, earrings, and necklaces which cannot be found in average department stores. Many collectors often look to estate sales when searching for one-of-a-kind pieces that can add value to their collections.

Estate jewelry can not only offer distinctive items, but also pieces that come from specific time periods, giving them historical value as well as monetary.

Is It a Good Idea to Buy Secondhand Jewelry?

There are some popular myths about estate jewelry, such as lower quality due to being secondhand, bad juju and bad luck, or even that estate jewelry is the same as antique and vintage jewelry. Buying a ring or necklace that was previously owned does not always depreciate its value; in fact, it could do just the opposite, depending on the craftsmanship and quality.

Vintage is a term that is used in reference to an item being years or decades old, while antique is used for those that are a hundred years or older. Because estate jewelry can contain items that are also extremely new, they cannot be immediately classified as such. Rather, antique and vintage jewelry is a form of estate jewelry.

Take a few minutes to look through our estate jewelry collection. You just might find a significantly valuable piece of beautiful jewelry at a very affordable cost.