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Diamonds are Forever—And Sometimes Colorful!

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When searching for the right diamond, you will probably look at the 5 C’s. One of those C’s includes color. For most of us, a diamond’s color will be between colorless and hints of yellow. Colorless diamonds are considered higher quality and will fetch higher prices. However, there are other diamonds that feature an array of surprising colors. These are called fancy color diamonds and even though they’re not colorless, their rarity makes them extremely valuable.

Fancy color diamonds can be a variety of colors—blue, green, yellow, pink or red. In order to create these vivid colors, naturally occurring diamonds must undergo very specific circumstances during their formation. These circumstances lead to changes in the molecular structure of a diamond. Some may call these changes impurities, but for many these defects are beautiful accidents that occurred at some point early on in the life of a diamond.

Blue Diamonds occur when boron interacts with the carbon atoms making up the crystalline structure of a diamond. This interaction can create a variety of blue hues within each gemstone.

Yellow Diamonds, like blue diamonds, are also a product of outside elements interfering with their atomic structure. In the case of yellow diamonds, nitrogen atoms are said to create the yellow tints found within these rare gems. The Tiffany diamond is a good example of this.

Green Diamonds occur when natural radiation emits from rocks surrounding a diamond. The radiation alters the molecular structure in a way that traps electrons inside. Because green diamonds are altered from outside sources, the green coloring stays at the surface of an effected diamond and never truly enters the core.

Red Diamonds also result from exterior causes. It’s thought that red or pink diamonds are damaged during their trip from the Earth’s upper mantle to the surface. This transition often includes volcanic eruptions and tectonic pressures that put stress on the stones. These stresses may trap electrons inside, similar to green diamonds. However, in these cases the electrons create a pinkish, red glow.

At Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange, we offer a variety of certified diamonds of all cuts and clarities. To learn more about diamonds and diamond jewelry, be sure to check out our blog and educational guides.