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  • Good Morning Gold - January 28, 2014

    January 28, 2014
    Comex gold is down in early U.S trading on Tuesday morning. Gold last traded at $1,252.50 Silver last traded at $19.55 Platinum last traded at $1,413.00 and Palladium last traded at $ 716.40 More technical corrective pressure following recent gains in the market along with a stronger U.S. Dollar index have gold trading down on Tuesday morning. Traders look at the weaker economic news coming out of China over the last week, along with Tuesday and Wednesdays Federal Reserve’s (FOMC) meeting that could be bullish again for the gold market over the next few weeks. Gold buying and physical demand in China remains’ at high levels and continue to be the bases of support for gold in the markets for now.  The stronger physic ...
  • Metals Thoughts: EM Urgency Edition

    January 28, 2014
    The two things dominating the dialogue this week are the Fed meeting (starting today, announcement tomorrow) and then the apparently full-fledged Emerging Market (EM) crisis. The general consensus seems to be that Bernanke’s final meeting as Fed chair will include another $10B in reductions. The very weak NFP data is likely to be considered an anomaly because of bizarrely cold weather and statistical noise. Broader employment indicators have been fairly strong, particularly in manufacturing, which is more likely to warrant the Fed’s attention. Metals have been slightly better bid for the last week or so, but the moves in either direction have been mostly unimpressive. The new range seems to be 1237 from 1/22 and a 12 ...
  • Good Morning Gold - January 27, 2014

    January 27, 2014
    Gold weaker in early U.S. trading on Monday morning.  Gold last traded at $1,260 silver last traded at $ 19.81 Platinum last traded at $1,418.00 and Palladium last traded at $727.50. Gold seems to have an uncertain footing in early trading on Monday morning due to a higher U.S. dollar index, and some weak economic news out of China last week. There is also the Federal Reserves Open Market meeting on Tuesday and Wednesdays this week , and there is a talk that the Fed may not fully start the tapering of its monthly bond buying program this month as first stated. U.S economic news to be released today  includes the Texas Manufacturing survey and the new residential sales report. Either of these reports  could also be bea ...
  • Silver Peace Dollar Special!

    January 27, 2014
    Silver Peace Dollar Special! This week only - we've got a great deal on Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) Silver Peace Dollars! A “BU” Peace Dollar may be a better alternative than one ounce of silver bullion. Why? If the silver bullion market decreases, the numismatic value can help sustain the value of the coin itself. If the silver bullion market increases, so does the value of the Peace Dollar. The collector market can also drive the price up, so you have two opportunities to make money on your purchase instead of just one – in both the bullion and the numismatic market. Find your nearest Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange location to take advantage of this deal! What is a Silver Peace Dollar? The silver peace d ...
  • Good Morning Gold - January 24, 2014

    January 24, 2014
    Comex gold up in early Friday morning U.S. trading Gold last traded at $1,267.55 Silver last traded at $20.15 Platinum lasted at $1,432.50 and Palladium last traded at $742 There was strong buying in  overnight trading  after Thursdays profit taking in the U.S. stock market, this along with a lower U.S. dollar index and news that the Indian government  may lift some of its import duties, has been bullish for the gold market on Friday morning. On another note we have a good inventory of both gold Canadian Maple Leafs and American Gold Eagles for immediate delivery. -- Robert Burnside, Director of Precious Metals Trading, DGSE Companies, Inc. ...
  • Metals Thoughts: A Class Case of Emotion Edition

    January 23, 2014
    Gold basically higher for fourth straight week, but the gains are moderate at best as we are up $50 for the year. We seem to keep reverting to the 55 day moving average which sits squarely at 1240 spot and then running into resistance between 1250 and 1260. As has been the case for weeks, it seems the rally is largely due to short covering as opposed to fresh buying. Futures and options open interest on the COMEX continues to decline as punters turn to other markets in search of volatility. Net position is back to one month highs, so the overly short status is no longer a reliable play.  Realized volatility in gold on a one week basis continues to track along the one year lows in the 10-12% range. Unless we break out of ...
  • Good Morning Gold - January 16, 2014

    January 16, 2014
    Comex gold is steady in early U.S. Thursday morning trading. Gold last traded at $1,241.66 Silver last traded at $20.16 Platinum last traded at $1,427.50 and Palladium last traded at $740.75 Solid buying from the Asian markets helped gold to firm up in overnight trading. This has the gold bulls back with a new break out range of $1,260.00 to $1,290.00. Traders say good physical demand will continue in this part of the world over the next few weeks due to the Chinese New Year and renewed investor buying. U.S. economic data due out on Thursday will include the NAHB housing market index, the Treasury international capitol flow data, the consumer price index and the weekly jobless claims report. Any of these could be bearish ...
  • Good Morning Gold - January 15, 2014

    January 15, 2014
    Comex gold is down in early U.S. trading Wednesday morning. Gold last traded at $1,237.71 Silver last traded at $20.14 Platinum last traded at $1,427.50 and Palladium last traded at $743.90 Gold is down in early trading due to a much stronger U.S. dollar index and Tuesdays better than expected retail sales report. Other U.S. economic reports due out today will include the weekly MBA mortgage applications survey, the Federal Reserves beige book, the weekly DOE energy stocks report and the producer price index. Gold still has good physical demand from China and Russia. Russia had a strong showing for physical gold demand in 2013 and could come in as the second biggest gold buyer in 2014. On Tuesday two key members of the F ...
  • Numismatic Weekly - Identifying a Counterfeit Morgan & Peace Silver Dollar

    January 13, 2014
    Over the next several weeks, I am going to highlight one major coin series per week and provide you with some of the more commonly seen counterfeit varieties within each. This week, I am going to dive into the Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar Series, as they are seen on a daily basis. Listed below are a few basic guidelines in addition to some photos and characteristics of the most commonly seen counterfeit Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar varieties. Counterfeiters most commonly counterfeit key-date coins. Therefore, you should ALWAYS pay extra attention to detail when assessing a key-date coin, regardless of whether the coin is certified. This is not to say that people NEVER counterfeit common-date coins, so always be on t ...
  • Metals Thoughts: Taper the Taper? Edition

    January 13, 2014
    Friday’s NFP data was shockingly bad. Estimates were for around 200k jobs to be added and we had a print of… 74k. I have mentioned here before that the confidence interval on this report is something like 90k, so the end number could be anywhere between -16k and 164k jobs added. That is not an excuse for a poor number as much as reminding that we tend to over-analyze why a number was 25k short when that is simply a rounding error given the size and scope of the modern domestic economy. Among the named culprits were bad weather, a short shopping season and general seasonality. The issue, though, is that all of these were known long in advance of the release. After Wednesday’s strong ADP number, most analysts were ac ...

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